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Chairman Message

I would like to start by expressing the pride of being able to bring the values that KHRABA promised to carry on the first day it started to work until today with experience more than 19 years

These values helped us strongly, giving preference to customer satisfaction in achieving business

Kahraba, as a pioneer in energy sector in Egypt, has strived to keep being the first choice for all kind of customers in different kind of sectors by presenting the highest quality for supply energy and customer service and achieving business goals with values.

We seek to maximize our effort to meet the expectation of our shareholders, customers, suppliers’ communities and employees Knowing that our employees are the most valuable assets of our business, we support their careers while relying on their abilities. Our objectives are to ensure that employees have the chance to achieve and prosper.

We keep abreast of new and emerging technologies, and we contribute to welfare of committees building the most trust company.

We are constantly improving our infrastructure and technology to meet the growing demand for energy while also reducing our environmental footprint. In light of the strategic vision of Egypt 2030, as the green economy is a tool for achieving sustainable development in light of environmental security crises and climate changes, it helps to enhance the ability to adapt to risks and environmental pressures, which increases the access of communities to a safe and clean environment and reduces pollution, among other environmental risks.


Magdi El-Badry

Chairman and Managing Director

Board of Directors

Eng. Magdi El Badry

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr Jon Rokk

Vice Chairman

Dr. Samir Farag

Board Member

Eng Hesham El Mekawi

Board Member

Mrs. Sahar El Damaty

Board Member

National Electricity Technology Company-Kahraba
18 Hassan El Razzaz St.Giza , Egypt