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Our Business Lines

Kahraba’s diverse portfolio of solutions ensures all our customer’s requirements are met through:

Power Generation

Kahraba is licensed for power generation. Kahraba builds, owns and operates its grid-tied power plants through Independent Power Plants (IPP) and Central Power Plants alternative solutions that provide a self-sustained and closed-electrical power system.

Power Distribution

Kahraba has a license to distribute power and sell electricity through its own networks alongside the national grid and is able to provide electricity on favorable terms and highly competitive tariffs, as evidenced by its current ongoing business that has been running along those lines from 2004.


Renewables Energy

As part of our commitment to clean energy solutions, we build, operate, and maintain solar and hybrid power systems.

Energy Management

Kahraba provides energy management solutions in order to track and optimize energy consumption to conserve energy usage for different applications and improving energy efficiency and reducing losses.

Kahraba provides also remote monitoring solutions through smart metering systems IOT based technology that can collect and analyze load data/profile; energy consumptions and distribution networks area of losses on a continuous basis in order to identify areas of optimizations and improvement in addition to calculating return on investment in light of the cost of improvement.

  1. Customer’s consumption data logger & remote communication.
  2. Real time accessibility / remote monitoring to the client load profile & consumption.
  3. Protection against meters tampering
  4. Identifying & controlling the technical losses through the network and monitoring the performance.
  5. Protection against exceeding the contracted power (max demand).
  6. Alerts to the O&M team in case of power cutoff, voltage fluctuation, etc.
  7. Saving time in collecting monthly consumption readings. 
  8. Can be integrated with a billing system.



Kahraba offers 45MW fleet of Diesel generators along with gas generators either containerized or open type with various capacities (i.e. Cummins diesel generators units each 1.6MW, Caterpillar gas generators units each 2MW and Waukesha gas generators units each 1MW) that can serve our client’s current needs and projected growth.

Sectors we cover:

Industrial: all sizes and scales of industrial production can be powered by Kahraba.

Agriculture: Egypt’s agricultural industry has been a growing sector in the most recent decades. Providing fresh produce and raw materials that are used locally and exported globally requires power and Kahraba can be your partner to make that happen.

Educational: Our youth and their education are an integral part of Egypt’s future and present, Kahraba is a proud provider of power for many Egyptian educational institutions Like AUC and takes pride in playing such an important part in it.

Commercial and Residential Compounds: Kahraba can provide the most cost-effective and reliable energy solutions for commercial and residential areas regardless of size or complexity.

Touristic Resorts: we understand the importance of tourism as part of our economy and we are able to provide tourist villages with reliable electricity, regardless of location and needs.

National Electricity Technology Company-Kahraba
18 Hassan El Razzaz St.Giza , Egypt